gallifreyireland: (yay kermit)
I'm a little bit anxious right now, because tomorrow I will have my first experience with Time Travel.
Okay, maybe that wasn't dramatic enough. first experience withTIME TRAVEL...VEL..VEL...VEL...

I mean, its only an airplane. 

I'm flying to visit my sister in Arizona and there's a 3-hour time difference. I will practically be living a portion of my life twice because TIME TRAVEL. 

Can you tell I'm excited? Like ridiculously, crazily excited. And nervous. But mostly excited.
And yes, I know time travel doesn't work that way, but its the closest I'm probably ever going to get. So stuff it.

And I'm making it my personal mission to get into as much trouble as possible while I'm there.

I should probably start packing now.
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