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Well, after the first week and a half of classes, Creative Writing hasn't killed me yet! And that story I started in an attempt to prepare for the Workshops has grown a bit. Although who knows if it'll really go anywhere, considering I'm making up the plot as I go along...but for now I'm writing, and that's what really matters.

In case you didn't get enough last time )

In other news, I bought a new camera because I needed one for my Photography class (this sounds entirely too hipster) and my old Kodak was rubbish, anyway. I've named it Epsilon and can't keep from taking pictures of basically anything nearby.

Our first assignment is to go out and take at least 40 images that relate to a Man v. Nature type theme, so that's what I'll be doing for the rest of the day. If I get any good ones maybe I'll post them here...
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-After a ridiculous amount of tweaking, I was finally able to get my journal looking how I want it. After staying up til 3am messing with CSS. Hooray!

-Arizona is hot. I hate it. But it is very beautiful, so I guess that helps.

-I had a dream last night wherein I met Billie Piper. I made a fool of myself and she was really short. And I mean really. Probably 4'10" at the most. It was weird.

-I went back and overhauled my one-shot Drift, because when I reread it I realized I must have been really tired to post it as it was...

-The first chapter of my first DW series 'Relativity', another DW one-shot, and a Phantom one-shot are almost done. I think if I started focusing on one fic at a time it would be easier...but I'm difficult that way. Oh! And the next chapter of The Phantom's Lullaby is about halfway done. There are only three more chapters until I finish that one up (finally).

-And I just wanted to say, you guys are all very inspiring to me! [ profile] who_in_whoville[ profile] timelord1[ profile] kelkat9   [ profile] milieva and so many others I can't remember right now, you're all just awesome writers and I love everything you've written.

Now I think my sister is dragging me shopping. Yay. Hope everyone else's day is more exciting than this :P