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I signed up for a Creative Writing class at Uni because well, I could use the practice. And I needed the credit hours, but that's beside the point.

Anyway, I was reading the syllabus and decided that I'm terrified of this professor already.

We're going to have these 'workshop' things where everyone critiques your writing and there's a question-answer thing, all kinds of craziness...which is fine and dandy, probably even helpful. But then I got to this line:

"The writer will read the first two pages of his/her piece before the class, and listen to suggestions..."

Okay, reading in front of the class? It's not nearly as awful as that public speaking class I had a few years back, but still. Writing stories to be critiqued is one thing, reading them aloud to the class is quite another.

Add to that the fact that we're expected to turn in 5-20 pages of writing for this critique thing, and I'm in full-on panic mode. It's been a while since I've written anything that wasn't fanfiction. And I'm pretty sure that won't cut it for this.

So I've started writing already, even though the first class meeting isn't until...later today. About twelve hours from now, in fact. Hoorah.

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the BBC released the trailer for Doctor Who: season 7 on today:

I'll just let you watch that real quick. Go ahead, I'll wait here.
*taps foot impatiently*

Okay, now please tell me I'm not the only one who; when Rory asked "Who killed all the Daleks?!" and the Doctor replied (wait for it, its supposed to sound epic...) "Who do you think?"; immediately shouted

Obviously I am incapable of this little thing called 'letting go'.

The new series looks interesting, to say the least, but I have to say I cringed when River's annoying little face popped in there for a bit. I knew it was coming, but still. My little fangirl heart can't take it.
Along with most other things Moffat throws into the DW ring to mess with us.

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In case you were wondering...

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When I asked my older brother where he was in DW now, he said "Cybermen". So we started talking about the episodes he's seen recently, when he goes and says this:

"I like Eccleston better than this one."

I almost passed out right there. What followed was me ranting and proclaiming the superiority of David Tennant above all else while he watched with amusement. Eventually I got onto the topic of CE leaving the show on (what I considered) dumb terms. And about how upset I was that he wouldn't even consider returning for the anniversary next year. And I was probably very mean to him.
I really do love Chris, but when it comes to David, I'm very...protective...I guess.

So last night, after my Christopher-Eccleston-pales-in-comparison-to-David-and-don't-you-dare-say-otherwise rant, my mind gave me this dream.

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