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...that I'm more excited about the 50th Anniversary than season 7. 

dinner with David Tennant


Well, at this point, I'd rather have TenToo, because I want to know what's been up with Rose and everyone in Pete's World...
But this news is superfreakinexciting all the same.
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I'm here...'borrowing' some wifi from a church, and I happened upon this:

I've seen David's Hamlet before (and loved it!), but I didn't know John Simm did a version as well! Seeing them back-to-back was really cool, but I won't pick a favorite...I'm too biased towards DT for it to be a fair judge of acting! 
Needless to say, I am a very happy fangirl.

What do you guys think? Is David's or John's interpretation better? Or are they just different styles, equally amazing?