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I stumbled across this YouTube user by accident, but stayed because she is uber talented.
She's got a few Doctor Who videos, Sherlock, and whatnot...haven't looked through them all, but this one is just fantastic:

In other is kicking my ass.

Well, that sounds awful, not like that. I'm doing fine in my classes and whatnot I've just been really busy and/or not sleeping nearly enough so I haven't been all lately. And I've probably gotten behind on reading the lovely stories you all are posting on LJ as well, which is a bigger shame because I'm much better at reading than I am at writing :P

Not to mention my sister's wedding last weekend (that she insisted I be the maid of honor in) and my dad's birthday and work and such.
And I dyed my hair. Twice.


But I did stay up til 4am finishing this for my Graphics class, so that's something productive I guess.
Eclipse Trace

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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