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the BBC released the trailer for Doctor Who: season 7 on today:

I'll just let you watch that real quick. Go ahead, I'll wait here.
*taps foot impatiently*

Okay, now please tell me I'm not the only one who; when Rory asked "Who killed all the Daleks?!" and the Doctor replied (wait for it, its supposed to sound epic...) "Who do you think?"; immediately shouted

Obviously I am incapable of this little thing called 'letting go'.

The new series looks interesting, to say the least, but I have to say I cringed when River's annoying little face popped in there for a bit. I knew it was coming, but still. My little fangirl heart can't take it.
Along with most other things Moffat throws into the DW ring to mess with us.

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I did, and had to tell somebody! And then I also thought of Donna, but then remembered that she just showed up and saved every single universe in existence, and that it was the other half of the metacrisis that killed all the Daleks that time. So while she doesn't get into the I-killed-a-ridiculously-large-amount-of-Daleks-with-a-couple-buttons-or-a-wave-of-my-hand club, she's still awesome. And that got totally off the topic of of-course-Rose-killed-all-the-Daleks, and probably has more than enough hyphens. I'd also like to say that you got me to actually watch the trailer. I've been avoiding spoilers like the plague, but I finally gave in and watched the official spoilers. And the part about dinosaurs on a spaceship a.) seems like something the Doctor would enjoy very much and b.) reminded me of another part with with an animal on a spaceship (and also pre-Revolutionary France, but that's beside the point). If, when we get to that episode, there are mirrors or fire extinguishers I'm going to have to call some people lazy. I'll be going now. :)
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That's a good point! So, unless Donna magically gets over her memory...issues, I think we can all just assume that TenToo and Rose burst through from their universe, kill all the Daleks together and then disappear until the 50th anniversary. Yep. New head!canon.

Um, heck yes dinosaurs on a spaceship! Definitely a Doctor-ish idea of a fun time. I can totally picture Eleven begging Rory and Amy to let him keep a velociraptor: "Oh come on! We've got plenty of space for him! No one goes in the TARDIS garden these days anyway...Ooh! And I'll call him Patrick."

If there is any mention of a certain Madame, I will be shooting Moffat ;P
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And...I just found this on Tumblr.

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Ditto for the Moffat part. And I think I'll hop on that particular cannon train as well.

The Doctor likes Rory better than Mickey (I think; at least at the time of that episode) so he wouldn't be all, "But I let you keep Rory!" to Amy like he did about Mickey to Rose when he wanted to keep Arthur.

I like Calvin and Hobbes and Hamlet, too, but I especially like that picture. And after he got chomped on by Patrick, he'd regenerate into something at least slightly scaly, because the last living thing he saw before regenerating (besides the TARDIS [and the Ood, of course]) was Patrick, not Rose this time, or into a tallish blond guy like Wash from Firefly who wears loud shirts and keeps toy dinos on the ship's steering wheel and various other levers and things and makes them talk while he waits for people to come back. Ideas run away from me, sometimes, and this is what happens. :)
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Everyone likes Rory- he's like a little puppy, but badass! And Mickey eventually got better, thankfully.

A Dino!Doctor...hmm....yep. I can totally see that!