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-After a ridiculous amount of tweaking, I was finally able to get my journal looking how I want it. After staying up til 3am messing with CSS. Hooray!

-Arizona is hot. I hate it. But it is very beautiful, so I guess that helps.

-I had a dream last night wherein I met Billie Piper. I made a fool of myself and she was really short. And I mean really. Probably 4'10" at the most. It was weird.

-I went back and overhauled my one-shot Drift, because when I reread it I realized I must have been really tired to post it as it was...

-The first chapter of my first DW series 'Relativity', another DW one-shot, and a Phantom one-shot are almost done. I think if I started focusing on one fic at a time it would be easier...but I'm difficult that way. Oh! And the next chapter of The Phantom's Lullaby is about halfway done. There are only three more chapters until I finish that one up (finally).

-And I just wanted to say, you guys are all very inspiring to me! [ profile] who_in_whoville[ profile] timelord1[ profile] kelkat9   [ profile] milieva and so many others I can't remember right now, you're all just awesome writers and I love everything you've written.

Now I think my sister is dragging me shopping. Yay. Hope everyone else's day is more exciting than this :P

Date/Time: 2012-07-26 02:34 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Arizona is hot.

If it's anything like next door, it's a dry heat! Although it does reach extremes over there that can make the evenings a bit miserable.

I hope you get to see some monsoon weather come in. I love watching the sheets of rain in the distance (or not so much in the distance).
Date/Time: 2012-07-26 15:44 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Yeah the first thing I noticed when I got home was the humidity...definitely didn't miss that!

And I did get to see a few storms over the mountains, nothing too exciting, but at least I wasn't getting rained on!