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I'm sorry for this. Really, I am. 

Our house has been infested with these little buggers since the Almighty Blackout, and this just kind of...happened.

The First Foraging

The ant struggled up over the edge of the Wood Thing, tired but giddy from the feeling of accomplishment.
Only the strongest of his kind made it this high. He was the youngest to succeed by far.

The Space looked very different from this perch, and he paused to let the view sink in. 
Looming shapes that meant nothing to him could be seen across the great Blue Expanse; a thick wilderness that stretched into the distance. He hadn't known anything existed beyond the Blue. Mother would never believe this.

Out of the corner of his eye, something shiny and green caught his attention.
It wasn't the Objective, but he couldn't help his curiosity.
The others wouldn't notice his quick detour, would they?
After all, he'd only become a Forager for the adventure.


He knew he shouldn't have let him out of his sight.
The New Recruits had a tendency to get distracted. He knew this, but let him tramp off anyway.

There was nothing for it. He'd have to go after him or risk discipline from the Queen when he returned, one ant down.

With a relenting sigh, he followed the absconder's scent trail.


If there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was being shown up by his own little brother.

The twerp was on his first Foraging, and he had the nerve to run off on his own. Abandoning the assigned scent trail was never a good idea, but this mission was dangerous enough as it was. He shuddered at the thought of the Giant Pink Ones.

The Captain had already gone after him, of course; he couldn't allow his authority to go undermined. But he also knew
that Mother would never forgive him for not keeping a better eye on his little brother himself, so he set off after the other two.


She hadn't been gone long, just a quick trip to the loo. She knew it had been less than ninety seconds because the commercials were still on. She hadn't missed any Criminal Minds.

But of course, the universe seemed to be plotting against her. 

She picked up her glass, looking forward to savoring the last few dregs of punch, but stopped before she could take a sip.
The glass stayed, hovering awkwardly in the space between the end table and her mouth, her drink sloshing invitingly against its sides.

Oh, fanfreakingtastic! She thought, scowling at the liquid as if to blame it for all the wrong in the world, there are three ants drowning in my cup. 

With a sigh, she went to dump it down the sink.