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In case you were wondering...

I spent last week living in a Christian School gymnasium.

Let me elaborate.

Our power went out on June 29th, along with a great deal of the rest of Virginia, and didn't come back until July 5th. This, understandably, made everything really awful. Virginia was in the midst of a ridiculous heat wave at the time and not having air conditioning was pretty much unacceptable in my opinion. Plus all our food was in the refrigerator and therefore perished quite unspectacularly. (A little red line is telling that isn't a word but I'm ignoring it.)
Among the casualties was a recently-bought carton of my favorite ice cream.

It still hurts to talk about.

But anyway, a large group of people around here were sweating to death and being generally hungry and uncomfortable, so some awesome people decided to open up "cooling shelters" all over the place. One of these was a large church with an attached Christian high school. 

After two nights of sticking it out at home, my family decided they were done being the "suffer in silence" types and would prefer to be the "moan and complain" types who give up and move into a church/school place thing.

They gave us free meals and there were plenty of wall outlets for all of my device-charging needs.

But other than that it was...odd.

I can now add "sleeping in a gymnasium with dozens of random strangers and their poorly-disciplined children" to my list of Random Happenings I've Endured. Along with "attempting to watch Torchwood while constantly on the lookout for said poorly-disciplined children who would blab to their parents that I was watching gay porn in a church facility". So you know, fun stuff.

But I enjoyed myself immensely. I've been earning myself a spot in Hermits United all summer and this unexpected 'disaster' and related adventures were just what I needed. Best summer vacation ever.

Although my family thought I was crazy because I started giggling when we learned that the electricity wouldn't be back on for about a week.
And then again at the fact that we had to use high school locker room showers or that lights-out was at ten or that breakfast was at 8am or that our house (whenever we ventured home for clean clothes and to check for power) smelled liked summer camp mixed with rotting vegetables.

But I got plenty of inspiration for fic during my sabbatical from the internet. One particular ficlet should be up later tonight or tomorrow. 

And now I should go work on that.

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