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Well this is certainly turning out to be one of the more exciting days of my summer so far.

I’m typing this into Word right now [Friday] because our power’s out and therefore so is the internet. (I’m at a neighbor’s house right now to post this- they have a small generator) But that could be a whole post in and of itself…

My car is eighteen years old and not in the greatest of shape, so it’s been having problems for a while. Today, after just getting an oil change and therefore thinking I was safe for a bit, my car decided to cut off while I was at a stoplight. And it had just turned green, so all the drivers behind me were more than a little upset.

A lady stopped to help and I told her it was probably the battery considering I couldn’t get it started again, but she didn’t have jumper cables and I’d left mine in the storage shed back home (a lot of good to me they are there *grumbles some more*) so she left after an apologetic “can’t help you” and wished me luck. Fantastic. Cars were now veering awkwardly around my useless vehicle and my younger brother  (who happened to be with me) and I felt very uncomfortable and more than a little hated because of the looks they kept shooting us. Did I mention it was 105 degrees in Virginia today? VERY uncomfortable.

A nice man at a nearby convenience store enlisted the help of another man (who was in army fatigues for whatever reason) and they pushed my old Mitsubishi into a parking lot to return the flow of traffic to normal. The convenience store man tried to jump start my car with no luck. I was baffled on what could be wrong with it considering how little knowledge I really have on the subject. But I realized we were screwed.

I have a big family, so normally when this kind of thing happens I’ve always got someone around to help me out. But today, my parents had my little sister at some museum thing 45 minutes away, two of my brothers were off somewhere having a boys’ day out or something and my other older brother was leading freshmen tours around campus at his university. So I was stuck. I called that brother to see when he would be done, but it would be hours yet and I was still inside my boiling hot car (why was I still inside my boiling hot car?!) I got out of my car. Not much better.

Then I remembered I had just seen a family down the road who were good friends of ours so I called them and asked for a lift, which they readily agreed to.

But by this point my little brother and I were soaked in sweat. I think with the heat index it was actually closer to 115 degrees by this point. It was HOT. Packing into the backseat of our friends’ coupe wasn’t so pleasant in our condition. We were like baked sardines (or some other obscure metaphor).

Eventually I made it home and later my dad went back to check on Erik (oh yeah, that’s my car’s name) and possibly bring him home. This time the jump start worked, and he discovered that something was wrong with my AC, which was the cause of my car always cutting off at stoplights (it happened a lot. Usually it would start right back up, though).

Long story short, Erik came back from the dead. Though how long the old clunker will stay that way is anyone’s guess.

And now we’re having a rather violent (although mesmerizing) thunderstorm caused by all that excess heat in the air. It’s still 98 degrees outside at 10pm. It’s ridiculous.

And that’s why the power’s out. I can only hope it will stay this way so I won’t have to go to work tomorrow, because there’s no way I can sleep with all this exciting wind and lightning going on!

I feel like I’m having some sort of adventure, just dealing with the power outage. And compared to what I’ve been doing so far this summer (basically nothing) it really is one.

To summarize:

My car is apparently a zombie,

Power outages are fun.
Heat is not.

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