gallifreyireland: (9 yeah right)
When I asked my older brother where he was in DW now, he said "Cybermen". So we started talking about the episodes he's seen recently, when he goes and says this:

"I like Eccleston better than this one."

I almost passed out right there. What followed was me ranting and proclaiming the superiority of David Tennant above all else while he watched with amusement. Eventually I got onto the topic of CE leaving the show on (what I considered) dumb terms. And about how upset I was that he wouldn't even consider returning for the anniversary next year. And I was probably very mean to him.
I really do love Chris, but when it comes to David, I'm very...protective...I guess.

So last night, after my Christopher-Eccleston-pales-in-comparison-to-David-and-don't-you-dare-say-otherwise rant, my mind gave me this dream.

I'm glad I wrote this down )